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The technology of Nulife H2O Water purification systems allows you to enjoy soft, clean and delicious water in your home. Our products offer superior filtration with more filter layers to separate water molecules from impurities. Our systems use the water pressure of your home to squeeze tap water, all the rejected impurities are rinsed down the drain. Leaving clean and great tasting water for your health.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Our system uses a 6-step reverse osmosis process to create an abundant supply of clean, clear and great tasting water in your home. Do not spend more money on bottled water. With our system you will have the highest quality of water.  From the comfort of your home.

System Benefits
In addition to the benefits of the Alkaline plus system, the Alkaline plus system offers the following health benefits:
Detoxify: Remove toxins and neutralize acid wastes from your body that have accumulated.
Hydrate: Hydration is a basic necessity that we sometimes take for granted. Ensure “super hydration” by enjoying alkaline water so that your body can more easily absorb the hydrating properties.
Oxygenate / Antioxidants: Block free radicals from damaging your body; alkaline water converts them into oxygen, meaning you access increased energy production and tissue oxygenation.
Alkalize Your Body’s pH: Fight the high acidity of your body’s pH that’s caused by stress and environmental toxins.
Enhance Your Immune System: Make sure your body is able to fight off diseases by enhancing your immune system with the minerals involved with our Alkaline plus system.

Multi-Stage Water Refiner

Have you noticed bad odors or unpleasant taste in the water within your home? We want to improve the quality of water for you and your whole family, through our Nulife H2O purification technology system. With our system you will receive an economical water filtration system for the entire home, where it will eliminate unpleasant flavors, bad taste, odors, bacteria,  and pollutants.

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1. Granulated Activated Carbon: Removes and reduces both chlorine and chloramines used by the city to kill bacteria, while removing foul odors and taste. Removing and reducing chlorine and chloramine levels is important to copper pipes, as well as fixtures with rubber stops and fittings.
2. Softening: Ultra high-capacity commercial grade resin softens the water to zero hardness.
3. Neutralization: Synthetic zeolite adjusts the pH of mildly acidic incoming water up to 0.3.
4. Filtration: A highly efficient media of aluminum silicate filters incoming water to 20 micron range, removing suspended solids not visible to the naked eye.
5. Clarification: Silica/quartz base polishes the water to a sparkling clarity while ensuring even distribution.

Salt Tank Construction
– Extra large capacity
– Safety overflow prevention float
– Blow-molded, high-density polyethylene NSF and FDA approved tank with ultraviolet inhibitors
– Periodic addition of rock salt required

Get the quality of water you deserve, without contaminants and with excellent taste, know our Nulife H2O water refining technology system! Call us for more information at 1-888-218-7605

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